Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten TV Shows

I’m thinking I’m going to have to change the name of this to Top Ten Wednesday if I can’t ever get it written in time for Tuesday. I like to sometimes tell myself that it’s still Tuesday in other time zones and I don’t look so late.

Anyway, this week’s Top Ten Tuesday list, as provided by the Broke and Bookish is Top Ten Favourite Movies or TV Shows. Now I can’t possibly narrow my list of favourite movies down to ten, and I don’t really feel like picking a genre, so I’m just going to go with TV shows. It’s still pretty hard though. I have a number of serious television show addictions.

game of thrones PLL  TVD100OrangegreysHIMYMnew girlOCAGT

1.Game of Thrones. Oh yeah, I’m one of those people. I am obsessed. I am trying to not get attached to characters because I am afraid they will die. I am failing at that. GoT is honestly one of the most amazing shows out there, and if you think you won’t like it because you aren’t into medieval or fantasy stuff you are sorely mistaken. One of the only shows I watch that I have no desire to read the books of because the show is just too good.

2.Pretty Little Liars. I have read all the books in this series as well but after season 1 they honestly don’t follow the books at all. I actually think this is nice because I prefer not knowing what’s going to happen. I’m super anxious to see if the show is going to follow the book’s biggest, baddest twist.

3.The Vampire Diaries. Usually when people ask what shows I watch I skip this one because I feel like the title sounds dumb and people will think I’m some silly Twilight fan-girl. When it comes to TVD “Don’t judge a show by it’s title” is incredibly important. I don’t know many other TV shows that can leave me ugly-crying in a puddle of tears after almost every season finale. It also has Ian Somerhalder. Enough said. (If you are for some reason delusional and don’t find him attractive there are plenty of other beautiful people to admire).

4.The 100. I started watching the 100 one day when I was really bored and searching for something new on Netflix. Since it wasn’t an incredibly popular show I was worried the acting was going to be bad and the special effects worse, but this show is actually really great. If there was a book with this premise-100 space criminals sent to earth to find out if it is still habitable-I would gobble it up instantly. (Also the main character being named Clarke totally fulfills my strange fascination and love for boy’s names used for girls).

5.Orange is the New Black. Another Netflix find. Except this one is super popular. It may be dirty, explicit, and horrifying but it’s also hilarious and heart-warming and I am addicted. It’s also great to see a cast of almost all women.

6.Grey’s Anatomy. I committed to Grey’s many years ago and now, no matter how long it goes on I am stuck. I keep telling myself that the show is just getting way to over-dramatic and recycled but I can’t stop watching. I will probably stick with Grey’s until the characters are grey-haired old-folks telling old medical stories to their great-grandchildren.

7.How I Met Your Mother. No one said the shows still had to be running to count. This is first sitcom on my list, and I’m normally not much into sitcoms at all. However I like having a good laugh after a tough day and this was a great way to do that.

8.New Girl.  I started watching this shortly after HIMYM ended and I needed something to fill the gap. As it turns out, I actually like this more. New Girl is hilarious and relate-able, which I love.

9.The OC. Once again, no one said it had to still be running. Jr. High me loved this show and watched it religiously every week since there was no such thing as Netflix or online TV (at least I didn’t know about it). I’ve always meant to get around to re-watching it someday but all my other shows are taking up all my time.

10.America’s Got Talent. I know. I’m not even from America. Unfortunately Canada sucks at any kind of talent show so I’m stuck with this. Everyone has a guilty pleasure talent show-don’t lie to me.

Let me know what you think of the shows in my Top Ten list and if there’s any you would recommend based on my interests! Also let me know if you’d like a TV show recommendation based on book interested because I’ve seen a lot and I can probably help.



3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten TV Shows

  1. You could read the actual The 100 book by Kass Morgan, though comments would suggest that it takes the romance tropes and angles way too seriously than what the show has done with focusing more on the necessary sci-fi world building (which is much easier since it’s on screen than in text). I totally get how you feel with labeling TVD as a discrete guilty pleasure among those who ask you what you watch. But hey, you like what you like and people shouldn’t judge you for that–and if all else fails, you still have the backing of the blogging community!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

  2. I totally didn’t realize the 100 was based on a book! Thanks for letting me know I might have to check that out. Though, I’m not completely sure I want to now that I’m so invested in watching the show, I think I won’t want to know spoilers. That always happens when I start watching a show before I know there’s a book.

    Thanks for comment! Hope to hear from you again!

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