Popularity Hate?

Recently, I have begun to notice a trend in popular books, especially YA ones. People hate them.

It seems that as a book becomes more and more popular, more and more people begin to denounce it. The problem here, isn’t that people are dumb enough to fall into the trap of hating something just because popular culture hates it. The problem is, that these same people start hating on the authors of these books with little to no reasoning.

I was recently watching a YouTube video that had something to do with the Fault in Our Stars. Now before this book became so incredibly popular there were hardly any negative reviews on Goodreads or Amazon. After the fame, the bad reviews started pouring in. Of course you could say that it’s only logical that as more and more people read it there are going to be more and more people who dislike it. True. However, I have a bone to pick with some of these “dislike” comments. They’re all the same.

This is the case with many popular YA books. It seems people who want to be “cool” and go against mainstream culture (usually the same people who say things like “I only like the classics”) have all joined a club in which they come up with a single statement about a book/author and then all go yell it all over book review and social media platforms.

Yes, of course, these popular YA books have flaws, but so do the so-called “classics.” People have the right to dislike a popular book for a variety of reasons, but please, don’t see a bunch of people saying negative things about a popular YA book and then proceed to say the same things just to make sure people won’t think you’re uncultured.

It’s important to make up your own opinions about books and authors. If you like a book, tell people you liked it. Make an argument for why. Maybe it related to you on a personal level, maybe one of the characters reminded you of your best friend. Whatever the reason, don’t buy into hate against popular books because you think other people will judge you for liking them.

So what books do you like that have received hate from others? I promise I don’t judge. (P.S. mine is The Fault in Our Stars)



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