(Do) Judge a Book by It’s Cover

So I know I haven’y posted anything since I last did one of these, but I’m in a Creative Non-Fiction class this semester and our first assignment is due soon and I’ve really been struggling to write non-fiction. I’ve never tried it before and it’s really interesting and different, but I really think I’m going to stick to fiction writing in the future. Hopefully this class will help my personal essay-type writing that I do for this blog. Anyway here are my book cover judgements for this week!

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(Do) Judge a Book by it’s Cover

I’ve been totally obsessed with an idea that this blog (The Book Wars) had. They take books and judge them based on their covers. I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time, and now that I don’t have class on Fridays I might actually find some time to do it on Thursdays. So credit goes to The Book Wars for this idea, and I hope they don’t mind that I’m doing something similar.

So, I’m going to be scrolling with my eyes closed and randomly clicking couple books from my mile-long “to-read” list on goodreads and judging them as I would just based on the cover image. Of course, I’ll probably explain what, if it wasn’t the cover made me actually want to read the book.

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I Read a Story

No literally.

I actually went to a reading and read a story. That I wrote! It was at the same time the most exciting and terrifying thing I have ever done. I mean there were probably 25 people there total. And like 8 of them were from my writing class. But some of them were professional authors who were there to read their own work. Because this was legit!

The reason I’m writing this is because I wanted to let people know about opportunities like this. I mean, normally I would have heard about something like a reading, thought it was neat, and then did nothing about it. But, my professor in my Writing and Publishing Prose class got this arranged so anyone in our class could read if they wanted to. And for some reason I decided to quit being a baby and go read my work out loud. It actually went really well.

So I want to encourage everyone out there to find something like this where you live. Take some time to find out if there are writers in your area doing readings or something. You don’t have to participate at first, in fact you might not even be able to. But if you’re an aspiring writer, getting out there and finding out who the other writers in your community are is a great idea!

Also my Prof has encouraged me to submit me story to actual literary magazines. So yeah, my next goal is to work up the courage to actually do that. Wish me luck!


P.S it’s almost Christmas break so I am almost having the time to write more blog posts. Thank you for being patient with my slowness and I promise I will make more of an effort next year!

A Change

I’m stealing this blog. Well, not really, I have permission to take it. Still, it’s mine now.

I’m Erika, if you’ve been reading my posts, you probably know that I’ve been the one who’s done all the writing. I was a summer student at the Viking Library, but I’ve gone back to University now. (which is why I’ve been gone from here for so long, first week is crazy). The intention of this blog for the library was to try to get people to engage and use it a chance to read and write reviews. Unfortunately, the idea didn’t really take off with patrons. Fortunately for me, though, I kind of fell in love with blogging.

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