(Do) Judge a Book by it’s Cover

I’ve been totally obsessed with an idea that this blog (The Book Wars) had. They take books and judge them based on their covers. I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time, and now that I don’t have class on Fridays I might actually find some time to do it on Thursdays. So credit goes to The Book Wars for this idea, and I hope they don’t mind that I’m doing something similar.

So, I’m going to be scrolling with my eyes closed and randomly clicking couple books from my mile-long “to-read” list on goodreads and judging them as I would just based on the cover image. Of course, I’ll probably explain what, if it wasn’t the cover made me actually want to read the book.


So there are actually two covers for this one. I think the second one would have made me want to pick it out of a bookstore more readily, though neither of them really appeal to me that much. The title isn’t really my cup of tea, either. I like the effect with the eye in the second cover, though reading the blurb makes me wonder what any of it actually has to do with the story (or if the cover is just a ploy to get teens to pick it up based on the cool effect). Mostly I want to read this because the premise of someone who’s touch is lethal intrigued me. Honestly it was the cover that was stopping me from actually picking it up and finding out what it was about.


Now this is definitely something I would head straight for in the bookstore. I like the lack of actual characters on the cover, because it gives my imagination more room to come up with what they look like on my own. I also really like the creepy, beckoning motion of the fork, like it’s a hand calling you near. As well, the nice, pastel colour of the background works as a nice contrast to the creepy fork and the whole premise. The straight-forward title is something that almost always works for me, and that is certainly the case with this book.


This book is on my list because my roommate read it and told me it was actually pretty good, though incredibly weird. The cover isn’t something that would normally draw me in as I’m not a huge fan of bright colours on covers. But I do like the simplicity and the title, and after reading the blurb I can see how the brightness fits with the quirky premise of the book. Overall though, not my favourite cover, and not something I would pick out on my own.


This cover drew me in from afar on goodreads, before I noticed that the text was actually laid over a picture of two people all over each other. That romance-esque cover isn’t something that appeals to me. I understand the point in having it here was probably to contrast the title, but I think the title would have worked on it’s own against a black/patterned background (as you may be able to tell by now, I am a fan of simplicity. It’s pretty safe to say the title is what actually made me want to look at this one.


Usually one of two things happen when I see I book I might want to read. 1. I think the cover and title are interesting, and the blurb solidifies my want to read it. 2. I think the title is interesting, but the cover isn’t that great, then the blurb makes me change my mind and really want to read it. This time, I thought the title was ok, but that the cover was really awesome. Then the blurb kid of ruined it. This cover does not scream romance to me, yet that’s what this book is. I was expecting fantasy or something of the like, and I got romance, not my thing. Though the slight “dark” aura of the cover and blurb make me still want to read it, so hopefully it turns out better than i’m expecting.

Well that’s all for this round of judging books by their covers. Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and if they do actually match with their covers!



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