A Change

I’m stealing this blog. Well, not really, I have permission to take it. Still, it’s mine now.

I’m Erika, if you’ve been reading my posts, you probably know that I’ve been the one who’s done all the writing. I was a summer student at the Viking Library, but I’ve gone back to University now. (which is why I’ve been gone from here for so long, first week is crazy). The intention of this blog for the library was to try to get people to engage and use it a chance to read and write reviews. Unfortunately, the idea didn’t really take off with patrons. Fortunately for me, though, I kind of fell in love with blogging.

I’m a Communications major, so blogging might possibly be a big part of my future, and since books, television, and movies are my favourite things to talk about, I’m excited to have this platform to do just that.

There won’t be many changes to the how the blog is run. I’m still going to do reviews and talk about issues of importance to me in reading. However there will likely be a lot more about TV and movies included as well.

Also, there may be a slight change in the language used. Nothing drastic, but I tend to occasionally swear. If this is something that is going to bother you, I’m very sorry but this is who I am in real life and I’m going to write what I damn well want to (just kidding, I’m still going to keep things PG).

Anyway you may notice some changes coming to the format of the blog, and you can learn more about me in the About section (coming soon!) Please let me know what changes and things you might like to see on here? What are some things you would want to see written about?

XOXO Gossip Girl (kidding again, but that is my new favourite binge show I never watched until now)



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